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They encouraged you in whatever direction you wanted." 30 Christopher Welles edit "Todd School was a strong point of connection between my father and me wrote Christopher Welles Feder, eldest daughter of Orson Welles, who attended Todd from 1947 through the summer. Rogers Hall, once a classroom building with a 200-seat theater, is now an apartment building. Contemporary Authors Online, Thomson Gale, 2004.

1, reverend Todd moved to Woodstock, Illinois, from Vermont in 1847 to be pastor of a newly formed Presbyterian Church. 6 :1819 The Todd School for Boys closed in 1954. "Amateur dramatic groups from all sections of Metropolitan Chicago will compete this summer at Enchanted Island, World's Fair fairyland for children at A Century of Progress, for a silver cup to be awarded by the Chicago Drama League, Miss Anna Agress, director of the Children's.

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